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Pete Markowitz, Physics Professor

I’m a physicist with expertise on electromagnetic production of quarks — especially strange quarks, exotic forms of matter and physics at the limits of the standard model.

I was drawn to this field by the challenges and the opportunities. We literally try to explain what the universe is and how it works!

At FIU, I currently teach Intermediate Electromagnetism in the Physics Department, Reacting to the Past in the Honors College and I mentor a number of graduate students.

As a researcher, I’m involved with one of the largest scientific experiments in the world at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland.

The experiment involves 1940 scientists and engineers from 38 counties, including a number of FIU undergraduate and graduate students.

We’re exploring otherworldly questions that are as incredible as they sound: What makes up the universe? Are there other dimensions to space and time? What is dark matter?

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