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Arvind Agarwal – Engineering Professor & Researcher

I’m a Materials Engineer and my research focuses on plasma spraying, carbon nanotube based nanotechnology, coatings and advanced materials. The applications of my research include biocompatible coatings for orthopedics, ultrahigh temperature aerospace materials, light-weight high strength materials for fuel-efficient automobiles and coatings for solar cells.

Everything is made up of some “material”, which makes materials science and engineering so interesting. I was fascinated by the fact that by simply re-arranging the atoms in different configurations can lead to a variety of engineering properties. It is almost like playing with LEGO.

At FIU, I teach courses to both freshman and doctoral students. I teach an introductory class “Technology, Humans and Society”, where we discuss the evolution of technology from primitive to modern age, its societal impact and ethics. On the other end, I teach “nanomechanics and nanotribology” to doctoral students where we understand the mechanical behavior of materials, including biological cells at a very small scale. My new research interests include studying the mechanical behavior of biological materials and developing new diagnostic techniques in association with Biologists.

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